O come all ye voices of Mt. St. Michael’s

And sing praises to this fount

of knowledge so renowned

Sing praises’ with interests so profound

To  project the good name of this School afar,

That our Alma Mater to be, remains’ ajar.

We work when  work, and play when play.

Read and write feed, and pray, yes, and pray.

In sports’ and games’ we reign supreme.

All fans’ hold us’ in high esteem.

What joy remains’ for us’ a last

To see our records’ of the past.

To learn and pass, we know, our task.

In this, we then shall ask,

That all hands’ join to let us know,

That we shan’t reap unless we sow.

When this done, all is not set

For better scores in the net.

To God we trust this humble urge,

That He may bless and keep out age.

And when we’re left this place for home

In search for shelter of our own,

Cast us not aside O king of kings’

Beneath that shadow of your wings