School Rules


1 No student shall arrive late at the beginning of the term or leave early at the end shall not leave the compound without a permit card duly signed by the principal or the vice-principals.

2 Every student shall have a good school boy hair cut before he returns at the beginning of the term (i.e. short back and side and not more than 1cm on top)

3 Only English language and French shall be spoken in the school compound

4 Pidgin English and vernacular shall not be spoken on the school compound

5 All students must obey the bell immediately it is rung and also keep to the school routine

6 Ringing of emergency bell should only be ordered by the Principal and Vice Principals

7 The Staffs Rooms and Administrative block are out of bounds to students unless they have been specifically instructed to wait inside/outside by a tutor

8 Each student shall wear the appropriate school uniform at the correct time

9 All students must wash the toilet facilities provided by the school and there should be no

10 During classes and preps, all students shall be in their class-rooms. They are not to be in the laboratory section of the school.

  • During games it is forbidden for students in all forms to be in the classrooms or dormitories.

12 There must be no writing on the walls, doors or windows, or picture or photographs should be pasted on the wall either.

13Waste paper is not to be dumped on the ground or thrown out of the classroom but must be put in the place provided

14Articles or items confiscated will not be returned but destroyed

15 Morning function and manual labor are compulsory for all classes. Functions and manual labour given as punishment for breaking school regulations are compulsory for all including SSS3 Students

16 All students shall worship together in one common chapel to ensure discipline

17 Students must use the library only at the appointed time,so as to keep the library regulations

18 A student wishing to go to the hospital must obtain permission from the principal, Vice principals or the infirmarian

19 Fighting of any kind is strictly prohibited. In any case of a fight,the person that inflicts an injury on inflicts an injury on the other will be made to treat the person and will certainly be punished, by the school.

20 No student is allowed to use a cane on another student

21 Nicknames are not allowed in school

22 Bringing cooked food from home is prohibited. When caught such food shall be seized

23 All private clothes brought into the school compound will be seized

24 Immorality of any type is prohibited

25 Student caught stealing will be asked to withdraw from the school

26 The use of handsets by students on the school compound is prohibited

27 Destruction of any school property or properties must be paid for

28 All working implements should be returned to the stores. Loss of any implement will be paid

29 Sick students should report to the health master and on time

30 Cases of cultism and cultish activities are not allowed in the school. If a student is involved in cultism, he will be asked to withdraw from the school.


1 Any student caught cheating in any examination will automatically be scored zero

2 In subsequent examinations if a student is caught cheating he will be punished by the school in addition to the punishment given by the examination body.


1 No student shall leave the school compound for any reason without his permission card signed by the principal or Vice principlal

2 A student who over stays at home on account of ill health must come back with a medical certificate for documentation


1 There shall be silence in the classrooms at all times

2 No student who over stay away from afternoon preps night preps is also compulsory for all students.

3 All students must be in class before the tutor comes for registration or for a lesson and shall stand up and greet the tutor as he/she enters

4 No student shall leave the class or enter it without the permission of the tutor

5 Each student shall keep his desk tidy and be prepared for each class before the tutor enters

6 No student shall leave the class without the permission card fully signed by the appropriate authorities

7 An untidy class shall not be attended to by the teacher unless the classroom is neat

8 A student that is persistently absent in the class shall be withdrawn from the school



1 Cooked food from the dining hall shall not be taken to the hostels by any student

2 Silence must be maintained during siesta and lights out

3 No cooking is allowed in the hostels

4 No visitor is allowed in the hostels

5 Any student that brings a female visitor to the hostels shall be very severely punished

6 Use of radio sets in the hostels, listening to news and other related information is allowed. Radio sets shall not be operated during siesta and after 10:00pm

7 No student shall leave his bed or dormitory to another

8 The use of bush lamps is prohibited in the dormitory


1 All students shall be present for the grace before meals’

2 During announcements complete silence is kept

Announcements shall be made by the Head Boy/the prefect on duty

3 It is forbidden to take food items to and fro from the kitchen

4 The kitchen and stores are out of bounds to all students expect the authorized members of the food committee

5 It is serious offence to deprive another student of his own share of food

6 The cutlery is compulsory for all students


1 Games are compulsory for all students

2 Students shall obey the instructions of those in charge

3 All sports equipments are to be returned to the games master to be kept in the games room

4 Students should wear correct games uniform i.e. P.T shorts and house vest

5 No student shall leave the playing fields until the bell for the end of games is rung

6 Students that stay beyond 6:00pm on the games ground shall be punished


1 Any student owing arrears of fees shall not be allowed to sit for any termly or public examinations