School Uniform

You are to report the following uniforms and materials.


  1. Class Uniforms: 2pairs of Trousers-deep green synthetic Materials and 2 white short-sleeve shirt (JSS only/2 long sleeve shirt (SS only).
  2. Compound/Prep Uniform: A pair of trousers-pink synthetic materials and a pink short- sleeve shirt.
  3. Other materials:
  4. School Tie (available in school)
  5. D Card (available in school)
  • School File (available in school)
  1. Sunday/Outing Uniform: A pair of white trousers and white long sleeve shirt
  • Games Uniform: Sportswear and school house vests (both available on sales in the school)
  • A pair of brown sandals (JSS) and a pair of black shoes (SS students only)
  • A pair of white canvas and a pair of white socks for all students
  • One mosquito net (treated only)
  • Two white bed sheets
  • One pillow with two pillow cases
  • One blanket
  • One six spring mattress
  • One bucket
  • A set of cutlery (spoon,tableknife,fork) and a drinking cup
  • Photocopy of Baptism card if you are baptized catholic
  • 2pairs of white socks

All items above must be presented during registration