images (3)Our Mission and Catholic Identity

Mount Saint Michael’s Secondary School is a Catholic community centered on instilling the teachings of Jesus.

We are called to prepare students of character – spiritually, emotionally, academically, and socially.

Mt. St. Michael’s Secondary School, Aliade is the oldest Secondary School in Benue State. Founded on 2nd February, 1953 at Korinya, by the Catholic Missionaries, the school later moved to its presents location (Aliade) during the third term in 1953.

The management of the school has passed through the purposeful leadership of twelve (12) principals. The pioneer principal was Fr. Henry pass and the current principal is Mr. Akaachir Demmenongo David. The school is an all boys institution with boarding facilities. It offers subjects in Science as well as Arts disciplines. In order to cope with the current trends in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Computer education is provided for students in all classes (JSS1 – SSS3). The school has well equipped and functional Computer, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Introductory Technology Laboratories.

The objectives of the founding Fathers of Mount Saint Michael’s Secondary School included the raising of Christian men of character and conscience who will hold their grounds in all walks of life as well as the training of student for excellence and leadership positions in all areas of human endeavours. The main objectives of the school are summed up in its motto written on the school badge- QUIS UT DEUS. This was interpreted to mean ‘who is like God?’ It brings into sharper focus the fact that wisdom and knowledge can only be achieved through absolute trust in God, for who is like Him? Indeed none.

In February, 1953, the school opened at its initial site in the Catholic Mission, Korinya in the heart of Tivland which is located in present day Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State. A lorry was chartered on the second of February, 1953 to convey the first 25 boys from Otukpo, through Gboko to Ihugh. There was no motorable road from Ihugh to Korinya so the lorry ploughed through sand, grass and forest for the last eleven miles. The school ground at that time was not far from the area occupied today by St Joseph Secondary School, Korinya. It was the first secondary school to be established by the Catholic Mission in the entire Benue province comprising Tiv, Idoma, Wukari, Nasarawa and Lafia divisions with Makurditown having a native authority status. Apart from the Benue Middle School, now Government College Katsina- Ala which was established by the British colonial administration in 1915 with the aim of providing middle level man power, Mount Saint Michael’s Secondary School, along with St Francis College, Otukpo remain the only catholic schools established in the 50s within Benue province.

The first assembly of the College was conducted at 9:00am on the assembly ground with the initial population of twenty five boys drawn from various parts of the region that covered Tiv-Idoma-Igala-Jukun-Kabba-and Illorin provinces and beyond. These twenty five young lads travelled hundreds of miles on narrow dusty roads to an unknown village to sow the seed that has raised a forest of men today.

school-anthemSchool Anthem

O come all ye voices of Mt. St. Michael’s

And sing praises to this fount

of knowledge so renowned

Sing praises’ with interests so profound

To  project the good name of this School afar,

That our Alma Mater to be, remains’ ajar.

We work when  work, and play when play.

Read and write feed, and pray, yes, and pray.

In sports’ and games’ we reign supreme.

All fans’ hold us’ in high esteem.

What joy remains’ for us’ a last

To see our records’ of the past.

To learn and pass, we know, our task.

In this, we then shall ask,

That all hands’ join to let us know,

That we shan’t reap unless we sow.

When this done, all is not set

For better scores in the net.

To God we trust this humble urge,

That He may bless and keep out age.

And when we’re left this place for home

In search for shelter of our own,

Cast us not aside O king of kings’

Beneath that shadow of your wings